Effective & Inexpensive Marketing with Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle Wrap Implementation

Installing a car wrap remains one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing even in the digital age. Unlike paint jobs, custom vehicle wraps are affordable for businesses of all sizes, and you can easily customize them for any vehicle.


Before we begin designing vehicle graphics, we will take measurements of your vehicle. Full wraps cover every square inch of a car, SUV, truck, or van, so we need to measure everything from headlights to spoilers. Once we know the exact dimensions, our artists will begin designing your wraps. Your satisfaction is key, so we’ll ask for your input along the way to ensure that you receive an effective and attractive wrap. Before the wrap goes into production, we’ll provide a mockup for your approval.


Custom wrap production is actually the easiest stage of the process. Giant machines print out the vehicle graphics before laminating them. If left unprotected, paint and ink will fade over time due to the sun’s UV radiation, which is why furniture and rugs placed near a window can fade. However, our laminates protect your vinyl wrap from water, dust, stones, bird droppings, and insects, and it will last for up to five years without any serious color fading.


Before we install your custom vehicle wraps, we’ll clean your car’s exterior to remove any dirt or chemicals still present. A clean surface is key to helping the vinyl wrap adhere to your vehicle’s paint, and the installation process takes a few hours. For window wraps, we typically install a perforated graphic that appears as a solid image to anybody outside but doesn’t obstruct your view while driving.

Easy to Remove

Besides cost, custom vehicle wraps offer one other advantage over paint jobs: they’re easy to remove. Whether you’re tired of the image, ready to sell the vehicle, or want to update the wrap, full wrap removal usually only takes a few minutes. Your car’s original paint will be in pristine condition underneath.

A Moving Billboard

A full vehicle wrap costs about the same amount as renting a standard billboard for one month, but unlike the billboard, you only have to pay for the wrap once. Over a period of five years, vehicle graphics end up costing 98 percent less, and small business owners can save tens of thousands of dollars in marketing each year.

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