You’re probably familiar with fleet vehicle graphics being used as a way to identify company, security and police vehicles, but have you considered their use as a way to advertise your business? Name recognition is a huge part of advertising and bringing attention to your business as well as drawing in new customers, and fleet vehicle graphics are a cost effective way to boost consumer awareness of your organization.

How Fleet Vehicle Graphics Work

There are a variety of advantages to using fleet vehicle graphics, including that they make automobiles look more professional by making them easily identifiable and their appearance consistent. Alternatives to vehicle graphics are magnets with company information, which tend to look cheap, and custom paint jobs, which are expensive to alter as well as fix if an automobile is scratched or otherwise damaged.

On the other hand, vehicle graphics actually protect paint jobs, and they can also be easily modified if company or product information changes. Additionally, they can be created for everything from 2-door cars to large vehicles, like food trucks, so every type of automobile in your fleet can have a uniform and professional look.

Comparing Fleet Vehicle Graphics to Other Outdoor Advertising

One of the biggest draws of fleet vehicle graphics is that they outperform every type of alternative outdoor advertising by a large margin in terms of both lower cost and greater reach. According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, in one day, a single fleet vehicle can create up to 70,000 impressions, and fleet advertising boosts name recognition 15 times more than alternative marketing methods.

The cost per thousand impressions (CPM) of fleet advertising is also much lower than other standard forms of advertising. The CPM for a 30-second spot in the top 100 television markets is $17.78, $8.61 for a 60-second ad in the top 100 radio markets and $2.18 on average for billboards. On the other hand, the cost per thousand impressions for a fleet vehicle is a mere $0.77.

In addition to its low cost, this fleet advertising also reaches essentially all demographics thanks to being seen by people in traffic and pedestrians. Individuals of both genders and from a wide range of income levels, professions and backgrounds are reached by this form of advertising.