2K5-Dealer-StickerWindow Decals

Airmark Co. produces one-sided or two-sided custom window decals using clear mylar or static cling vinyl. Our custom vinyl decals are designed for exterior durability.

  • Airmark provides turnkey services including design, proofing, prototyping, and manufacturing of our custom vinyl decals.

POP Signs & Decals

Aimark produces all sizes of business window decals for interior and exterior applications. For banners please note your requirements for grommets, hems and attachment lines. POP signs are made from styrene, or Sintra (expanded PVC), and can be presented wall mounted, ceiling hung, easel or frame. Custom decals can be made from permanent or removable vinyl in spot or process colors..

  • Airmark provides turnkey services including design, proofing, prototyping and manufacturing.

domaed-nameplateDomed Nameplates

Domed nameplates are screen printed for exterior durability and laminated with a polyurethane dome for eye-catching logo graphics. The process of doming involves applying polyurethane resin over the top of a nameplate, which is the cured to form a clear protective cap (or dome) over the graphics.