Decals – as opposed to labels – are designed to be used in exterior applications exposed to sun, weather and/or a corrosive environment. Airmark provides turnkey service from design to proofing to prototyping to manufacturing to installation.

Decals can be made of vinyl (including reflective), polyester (Mylar) polycarbonate (Lexan), polyurethane (domed) or a number of other substrates. The substrate often is chosen for the adhesive requirements – removable, permanent, etc. – all depending on job specifications. Decals can carry warranties against fading, cracking, etc. of up to 10 years.

Decals can be die cut, embossed, domed, serialized, bar coded or laminated and printed with spot colors or 4 color process, based on job specifications.

Here are examples of some of the classes of decals Airmark manufactures:

  • Window and floor decals.
  • Vehicle cab door decals.
  • Parking decals.
  • Product I.D. decals.
  • O.E.M decals.