Graphic Overlays manufactured by Airmark use clear polycarbonate (Lexan) and opaque polyester (Mylar) materials.  Both materials are available in 5 mil to 20 mil thicknesses.  The Lexan overlays are printed subsurface in order to protect the graphics,  and can be laminated with 2 mil or 4 mil custom 3M adhesive depending on job specifications.  Lexan material is also available for exterior applications.

The Mylar overlays are printed face up and laminated with a clear film to protect the graphics.  Mylar material is available in brushed silver, matte silver and bright silver finishes – and other colors and finishes. Both products can be diecut, embossed and in the case of Lexan printed with deadfront windows.

Airmark provides complete turnkey service from design to proofing to prototyping to manufacturing.

Here are some of the types of graphic overlays that Airmark manufactures:

  • Appliance control panels.
  • Smart card machine overlays.
  • O.E.M. machine overlays.