Emergency vehicles used by firefighters, police, first responders and EMS personnel need to be as visible as possible on the road. Emergency vehicle graphics provide proper identification and increase the ability of drivers to see these vehicles and respond accordingly.

The Importance of Visibility

When rushing to the site of an emergency, a vehicle such as a police car or ambulance needs as clear a path as possible. Emergency vehicle decals allow drivers to instantly recognize cars and trucks as coming from a particular service and take appropriate evasive action. This improves travel time for emergency vehicles, a vitally important consideration in situations where lives are at stake.

Adding Color to Sound

Blaring sirens and flashing lights should be enough to alert others on the road to the presence of an emergency vehicle, but these aren’t always enough when it comes to safety. Using certain colors such as fluorescent yellow-green and orange drives home the message that something serious is going on and a clear path is required.

With the epidemic of distracted driving, a full complement of emergency vehicle graphics may be necessary to get enough attention. Even when drivers are fully alert, it’s not always possible to tell what direction a siren is coming from. Eye-catching decals in the right colors help to solve this problem. Adding these colors in reflective material enhances nighttime visibility as well, making travel safer for all drivers.

Highlighting the Whole Vehicle

Another way to improve visibility is to use emergency vehicle graphics to outline large vehicles. When several vehicles need to get somewhere in a hurry, especially at night, it’s important for other drivers to recognize exactly what’s going on. Placing bright colors at the edges and corners of ambulances and fire trucks ensures that the entire vehicle can be seen in daylight and darkness.

Local Branding

Customizable emergency vehicle graphics set fleets apart by location. With the name of the department emblazoned on the side, it’s easy to recognize where a vehicle came from and whose jurisdiction it’s under. Location-specific graphics also provide a consistent image across fleets that can come to be associated with good service and prompt response time.

The use of emergency vehicle graphics enhances the visibility of emergency services and creates a safer environment for workers and drivers. By improving recognition and spurring quick actions, these custom images ensure the fast response time necessary to save lives.